Failing Grades for State Senate Candidate Jarrett Coleman

Jarett Coleman is BETRAYING Conservative Republicans by Quitting on the Voters Who Elected Him to School Board and by NOT Voting.

Jarret Coleman has served on Parkland School Board for all of 2 months when he decided to quit on the people that voted for him just last year in order to further his own political ambitions.

Given Coleman’s past actions, that is not surprising. Coleman has a history of only caring about himself.

Jarrett Coleman claims to support conservative values and principles, but he has done more to Hurt Republicans, than Help them.

You cannot Trust Jarrett Coleman.

Coleman cannot even be trusted to vote. He has only done so in 5 of 28 Primary and General Elections since he registered to vote. He didn’t even vote for himself in last year’s school board Primary Election.

Coleman didn’t vote for the ballot question to end Governor Wolf’s mandates that shut down businesses and our economy.

Even President Trump couldn’t count on Coleman’s support.

Jarrett Coleman only cares about his own political ambitions and cannot even be bothered to vote.