Senator Pat Browne is Helping Our Veterans

He Delivered $400,000 to End Homelessness in the Lehigh Valley

When those who defend our freedoms needed help, Senator Pat Browne delivered.

After learning about funding cuts to local veteran homelessness programs, Pat secured $400,000 in state funding to help end the tragedy of veteran homelessness in the Lehigh Valley.

Pat worked with local advocates to launch the Lehigh Valley Homeless Veterans fund. The funds he secured are allocated to local Lehigh Valley nonprofits whose direct mission is to either prevent homelessness or help transition veterans out of homelessness by connecting them with housing and employment.

In Addition, Pat Secured Millions of Dollars for Veteran Rehabilitation and PTSD services

Pat has also secured millions of dollars for veteran rehabilitation services, to ensure that our local heroes have the support they need when they come home.

He has also helped to fund groundbreaking PTSD services provided by a local non-profit.

Our brave men and women answered our nation’s call when we needed them the most. When they needed our assistance, Pat Browne delivered.