Under Senator Browne’s Leadership Pennsylvanians have Faced No New Taxes

As Senate Majority Appropriations Chairman, Pat has Prevented Tax Increases for Hard-working Pennsylvanians, while Delivering Balanced State Budgets

No tax increases for hard working Pennsylvanians, that’s what Pat Browne has delivered. While other politicians have repeatedly tried to raise your taxes, Pat Browne has delivered state budgets with no tax increases on Pennsylvania’s hard-working families and small businesses.

As the Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Pat Browne has ensured state government is living within its means. He has crafted fiscally responsible budgets, putting an emphasis on protecting your tax dollars, while still providing funding to ensure our students receive a quality education and programs are there to support our older population and our most vulnerable citizens.

His leadership speaks for itself. No income and sales tax increases as Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, investments in our rainy-day fund, and thorough vetting of government expenditures to ensure your tax dollars are being spent wisely.

Pat Browne is delivering fiscal responsibility in Harrisburg and ensuring a better future for all Pennsylvanians.