Ensuring Our Schools Are Properly Funded

Senator Browne is the State’s Leading Education Reformer, Delivering for Lehigh Valley Schools, so All Children Succeed.

Pat Browne is the leading education advocate and reformer in Pennsylvania. When local school districts needed additional resources to provide quality education for our children, Pat Browne delivered. Over the course of his career, he has delivered a 232% increase in funding to Lehigh County School Districts, 2.5x more than the state average.

Pat Browne has reformed the way the state funds school districts, injecting fair and transparent funding practices designed to ensure that students of all abilities and backgrounds have the tools to succeed. His work as the Chairman and architect of the Basic Education Funding Commission (also known as the Fair Funding Formula Commission), Special Education Funding Commission and the School Construction and Facilities (PlanCon) has deployed funding platforms to build a better future for our children, no matter their zip code.

Pat realizes that the best way to ensure a child succeeds is to support early education and intervention designed to set children on the right path. 

While others talk about more school funding and reforming our education system, Pat Browne has a proven record of delivering.