Fresh Solutions. A New Approach. A Record of Real Achievement.
Pat authored one of the largest tax cuts for seniors, <br> working families and small businesses in Pennsylvania history. Pat authored Pennsylvania’s Small Business Protection Act, <br> which gives businesses the freedom they need to expand and create jobs. Pat has worked to reduce the tax burdens placed on families & homeowners, including authoring the first state-sponsored property tax cut in PA history.
As a state Legislator, I have fought for a core principle: that a smaller, more fiscally-responsible and less-restrictive state government will help create jobs, foster a growing economy and make Pennsylvania a more affordable and enjoyable place to live and work.

On Tuesday, November 4, 2014, I hope I can count on your vote to continue working to lower taxes on families, working people and business owners, while reducing wasteful spending in Harrisburg and promoting economic growth and job creation.