Since being elected to the Senate in 2005, Pat has authored more than 50 initiatives that have become law and numerous others that have passed the Senate.

During Pat’s service, first in the state House and now as your state Senator, he has been a leader on issues of government reform, job creation, lowering taxes, education, criminal justice and many others. Some of the legislation that he has crafted or is currently working on include:

Urban Renewal

Pat recognizes the importance of vibrant and robust cities and urban cores to the overall economic success to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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Pat Browne has always made our children’s education a top priority. He’s been a strong supporter of early childhood education initiatives and wrote the law that helped break ground for the Donnelly “Head Start” Children’s Campus.

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Children and Youth

Providing for and protecting our children. Pat's commitment to future generations of Pennsylvanians is clear in his legislative advocacy for children and young adults.

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Job Creation and Business Investment

Pat Browne has developed a successful track record of writing and supporting laws that have made a positive impact in today’s challenging and competitive market.

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Pension Reform

Pat recognized even before taking office that one the greatest challenges facing the Commonwealth and school districts was the costs of our pension programs.

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Government Reform & Accountability

While some people just talk about government reform, Pat Browne has been leading the effort. Pat has led in advocating for and introducing legislation to reform how government operates and to provide more transparency in state government to taxpayers.

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